15 Sep It’s Official: Women Want All-Natural Beauty Products

As more and more women become aware of ingredients that could be harmful and brands pledge to make it their mission to provide all-natural beauty products, we’re seeing a surge in their popularity.

More than half of all women (55 percent) and 2-in-3 millennials read beauty product labels before purchasing in order to avoid certain ingredients like chemicals, according to a new survey conducted. The surveyors looked at categories including skin care, hair care, fragrance, makeup, sunscreen and nail care. Of the categories, it was most important that skin care and hair care products have natural ingredients.

Sulfates are the No. 1 ingredient women avoid, with parabens coming in second—probably because they have been linked to skin cancer—and synthetic fragrances third. Three in 10 women will not purchase a beauty product if it contains sulfates.

Millennial women are the most concerned, with 73 percent of respondents aged 18-34 expressing the importance of natural products and almost 1 in 2 (48 percent) saying they will buy more all-natural beauty products.

One of the reasons most women want safe beauty products is because they have children at home who like to get their hands dirty. This survey provides proof: 69 percent of women with children in the home value green beauty products. That’s not to say non-moms don’t care; a whopping 56 percent of women without children in the home feel the same way.

Unfortunately, women are having a hard time finding what they want. Mass-market drug/grocery stores, department stores and specialty drug/grocery stores fail to reach the all-natural demands of approximately 15 percent of female shoppers seeking to buy beauty products in those locations.

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