Company Profile

Herbion strives to make a significant difference in the lives of people all over the world by continuously discovering, developing and providing innovative plant-based solutions. This has been a major driving force behind Herbion’s rapid rise to become a global company with its presence in 24 countries of North America, Eastern Europe and Asia, reaching out to millions of satisfied customers.


Founded in 1983 as manufacturer of Natural medicines, Herbion remained commitment to high quality products and recently initiated plant extraction through spray drying technology. The entire manufacturing process is managed on state-of-the-art production facility conforming International Standards. Herbion cGMP compliant extraction manufacturing facility has hi class herb cleaning, washing, grinding, blending and packaging facility.  The entire process for spray drying is managed under complete supervision and closed system so there is no chance of interaction with surrounding ensured by Quality Assurance. Hence the extracts reach customers with complete precision having desired quality standards. 


With an aim to establish and maintain worldwide leadership in health care through nature based products, the organization also commits itself to play an active role in community development. This responsibility is not just limited to the employees of the organization but also takes into consideration millions of customers across the globe who use Herbion products with conviction.